General Xcarlink install plus blutooth

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    Right, done the install for the xcarlink today, i have a few pics to show you where i put things and how.
    Car is a 2.0ltr 5 speed manual accord.

    Right first of all popped the gear surround,


    Then unplugged the heated seats switches which there is a little tab you have to push in then it will release from the switch,


    (I removed the gear :tut: and surround completely by just unscrewing the gear stick then both parts came off)

    Next i leavered up the inside part of the ashtray and undone the 2 screws and popped the main part out which then you will have to remove the little bulb with a small twist,


    Next was some sort of power plug which you push tab in again and release,


    Final part was the power for the cigar lighter, with this pull tab on the side and release.


    After doing this there are 2 more screws to take out to get the little cubby partout which is just above where the ashtray is then another 2 for the larger main part above that which i didnt take any pics of, the main part under the stereo you just need to give it a hard tug at the top part as its held in pretty well with 2 clips.
    After this i decided to pull the connector to the actual iphone through the corner of the glove box like so,


    The next part of the install was to figure out where i was going to place the mike for the blutooth and the answer button.
    Put the mike at the top of piller by the windscreen and feed the cable down the rubber seal to the side of the dashboard,


    Here is where i put the answer button which i think is a pretty good place, just to the right side where the steering wheel is and the headlight level.


    Putting the cable down in the cover going under the steering wheel and dashboard straight to the centre console underneath the stereo.


    (Plugged everything into the xcarlink which is very straight forward)

    Cuz the car is the 2ltr model i don't have the satnav so where the dvd drive would normally be there is a little storage cubby so i decided on top of it would be the perfect place to mount the main box(xcarlink) Used sicky pads and they worked a treat.



    Thats it. This is my first ever little how to so i hope you all like it and might help some of you if you decide to get the xcarlink for the 7th Generation honda accord.
  2. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Really good that,it's the first Bluetooth xcarlink I have ever seen.
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    Its quite a good piece of kit the bluetooth, just quick press to answer call or if you hold it for a few seconds it will hang up instead.
  4. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

    England CJ Leeds
    How the xcarlink working bud, any reviews since you have installed it?
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    Hi. Yeah it's working very well. Sound quality from the iphone is really crisp and sounds great. The Bluetooth you have to turn up just a tad to hear better but clear as a whistle and the person the other end says I sound normal like having the phone to my ear. So the result I would say is DEF worth buying.