Aftermarket Kit XCarLink iPod connection - Complete doddle!

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    A quick piece of feedback on the fitting of an XCarLink iPod black box (recommended by this forum!).

    I viewed the really useful thread on here about fitting the XCarLink. I also watched a YouTube video.

    Washed the car and thought I'd have a quick look at the job.

    Removed gear lever surround in a flash (bought trim pullers which I now realise I didn't need!), removed ash tray with two screws. Removed two screws to 'bin' under the head unit and pulled this out - although I admit this took some gentle persuasion!

    Looked on the bottom of the head unit. Hey presto - there was the socket for the XCarLink cable on the bottom. Plugged it in and tested it and it worked straight away!

    Drilled a 16mm hole on the top of the 'bin' to put the cable through. Set the black box in the body of the car securely. Put the bin and ash tray back in with two clips and four screws, and then the gear lever surround.

    Total time? Ten minutes. That's all.

    I'm sure an auto electrician would have charged £50.

    The only slight issue is that my iPhone 5 will not work with it - the sound still comes out of the iPhone. It could be the dodgy Lightning adaptor I bought on eBay of course for £3.49! Using an old 5th Generation iPod.

    So the moral of the story? Don't be frightened by trying these jobs yourself. I am stunned at how easy it was.



    And the black box works perfectly - track selection via the steering wheel controls etc. Great stuff.
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    Excellent news bud , just shows once you dig in you find its not that hard afterall.
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    You'll need to buy a genuine lighting connector. The cheap ones wil do data and power but only the genuine one has a digital to analogue converter chip in it. I have the genuine one and it works perfect. If you look for the bay of e any non genuine ones usually say data and power only.
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    Many thanks

    That makes sense.
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    I did exactly the same with Blitzsafe - HON / AUX DMX V.2X this product and like you said this is super easy. The hardest part was not dropping the screws into the cable mess :Grin: