Electrical & Lights Xcarlink multimedia video interface

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    Has anyone on HK bought one for their 7th Generation Accord? If so, what's your opinion of it?

    I want to install a rear-view camera but have a PFL so I'm gonna have to buy one of these devices or do some next-level wiring/tracing from the original head unit/DVD unit loom and somehow make my own device without blowing myself or the car up lol
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    I went for the hacking up the system option myself LOL

    So I have HDMI, VGA input available and I could have composite input if I did a bit more wiring. In fact it's been one of those "I'll do it sometime" jobs as I've had a spare reverse camera lying around for yonks. Never got round to it though.

    The Xcarlink option is a nice easy option, I'd advise you to just go with that.
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    From reading the specs on their website, it seems to suggest there are two video inputs I can use. That means I could potentially hook up a carputer if I wanted to do so.

    The inner geek in me is screaming "do it!" :lol:

    I'm pretty useless at parallel parking so I can justify the Xcarlink video price tag just for that!
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