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    Hi every1 new to the site n this has probably been done before do I'm sorry to bring it up again would like to be able to connect my iphone to my standard radio which is a single cd unit my Type-S has anybody fitted to this type of unit is if easy and is it worth it just have to go to the trouble of getting it ordered and delivered to me over here not much or anything over in ireland thanks
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    There's an excellent guide on the site here, if you have a search there's also a lot of information already on the site about it. In short, they're simple to install for a novice and the easiest way to get modern audio features in the 7th Generation Accord.
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    It's not a difficult job, but I recommend getting a set of trim removal tools. They're only a few pounds. Saves damaging the dash.
    It's worth noting that the metal clips holding the trim in become rough with age, so they may need a little persuading.
    There are loads of youtube clips too. Worth a watch to get the gist.
    Let us know how you get on. :Smile:
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    I have look into this and came across too many issues with Xcarlink, quality and realibility issues, so held off, they are too expensive for what they are too, £90-120 for essentially a small converter box. They should be £40 max.
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    I had an Xcarlink for 4 years in my Mazda 3 without a single issue and was the first thing I installed in my new Accord.
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    @exec ,
    If you keep an eye on ebay/Amazon etc, they often have used units for sale at much better prices.
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