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    Well yesterday turned out to be a very very bad day for us.
    Before I continue there is nothing racist in my comments just stating facts as they happened and were said.
    My wife decided to visit her mum in Leeds and set off at about 1145hrs in her beloved HR-V.
    She headed towards junction 39 of the M1 but as she approached she saw that there was a huge traffic jam so decided to find another route so she went round the roundabout under the motorway and headed back along the A636 towards Wakefield.
    As she approached the first roundabout on the dual carriageway she slowed to around 30 mph there was a car in front of her about 20 metres ahead of her she noticed it move off and looked to her right to establish that the roundabout was clear for her to pull straight out(which it was) only as she looked to her front now about 5 metres away was the car which had stopped unable to avoid it she stood on the brakes only to run into the rear of it.
    She has Angina and slight rheumatoid Arthritis and the impact sent pain waves through her body infancy so much she was unable to move.
    The car in front then drove away from the collision and parked up on the road going into the services on the left.
    My wife was in shock and basically (pooing) herself as there were a number of HGV's behind her and she was worried one would hit the rear of the car. She was unable to move because of the pain.
    Obviously she was crying and she tried to reach her handbag on the passenger seat so she could get her mobile phone to ring myself or my daughter as we only live a couple of minutes away, but she was struggling to do this.
    What happened next is absolutely disgraceful and she said despite the crash this will always live with her!!!
    She looked out of the windscreen and the f:wait:* driver was stood in front of her she thought he was coming to her aid?? Instead he took out his mobile phone and started taking photographs!!!!!
    He then returned to the side of the road and spoke to a man and woman (who we later discovered were passengers) he then returned to her car and my wife thought oh he's coming to help me???
    Oh no yet again he produced his phone and took more photographs.
    Not once did he assist my wife.
    She managed to get her phone and called my daughter who was home we both went into racing car mode(sorry West Yorkshire police but I did manage 95mph in a 30 zone to get there).
    Whilst we were on the way an old gentleman who had seen the accident had stopped close by and went to my wife to see if she was ok only then did she ask him to phone the emergency services.
    The :tut: in the other car and his friends never bothered!!!
    My daughter arrived shortly before me she got out of her car as my wife was being lifted out of her car on a stretcher... She asked what happened to which a foreign person responded I was driving onto the roundabout and I got scared and stopped and this car hit me from behind????
    When I arrived I noticed these three people walking around apparently injury free from their movements especially the lady turning her head to ask the driver for the keys to the car!!! My daughter at the time was photographing the damage to their car for insurance purposes and got some good images of her movements.
    We were allowed into the ambulance to see my wife when the Police officer came in and stated that the old man had seen my wife run into the back of this guy so it was her fault. My daughter mentioned the fact of the statement he had made regarding stopping(not interested)!!!!!!!!!
    My wife told him about them leaving her and photographing the car this was despicable!!!! Not interested.
    I asked if they were foreign ? Yes Eastern European (not mentioning from where guys . Don't want a race war).
    I said from what I have heard seen and from personal experience of some 20 years in the Army in Europe I think he has been confused at the roundabout and has stopped to give way to a car entering from the road to his left. If you don't know obviously driving on the left in most of Europe you give way to traffic from your right so traffic entering a roundabout has right of way!!!
    And if he was scared why is he driving on our roads officer?? Not Interested its up to your wife to ensure its clear for her to proceed??? But she did that only to find this k***head had decided to stop on a roundabout on a busy dual carriageway. That to me is causing an accident by driving without due care and attention!!!!! No it's not??? WTF is it then...
    Well Pat(my wife) ended up in hospital but before she left the scene another ambulance arrived to tend to neck shoulder and other injuries of what looked like perfectly healthy people to me.
    My daughter confronted them at the hospital regarding the callousness of taking the photographs and not aiding an injured person who was obviously in distress and also told them some home truths about contacting the emergency services.
    Oh I also questioned the Police Officer about him driving away from the scene of an accident and also why did he do that and because my wife didn't see the driver get out of the car did he establish who was driving and why has no one been breathalised?? Nothing said.
    Well having surveyed the damage I managed to get the car home my wife spent some time in the hospital mainly because of her heart condition as she had chest pain. I rang my insurance reported everything to them including the statements by the foreigners only to be told well your wife hit him in the rear so it's an at fault accident(thought as much) about time the law was looked at...
    You will have to pay the excess( £95) and after I told them what the damage was oh we probably won't repair it as its a 1999 car only worth about £1200 so we would only repair up to 60% of its value so from what you have said it will probably be more to repair so it will be a write off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My wife is absolutely gutted not only did she suffer because of the actions of this guy both physically and mentally but she is loosing her pride and joy while this guy and his friends who don't even belong here (sorry but that's my personal opinion) and probably many other British folks too will get a new car a pile of cash for a fraudulent injury claim and won't even lose his no claims.... He caused this and is getting off Scott free....
    I'll post some pictures of the damage a friend of mine had a look earlier today and said if I can get hold of parts it should be easy to repair so now I'm waiting to see what the assessor says before making a decision then I'll start looking for parts to rebuild the front end.
    But I'm certainly not going to send it to the big scrap yard in the sky for a small some of money that won't cover another.
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    Sorry to hear of your troubles MickyB and I hope your good lady recovers well.

    There are a lot of unanswered questions regarding the police attendance . But primarily why no breathalyser for both parties, I thought it was standard operating procedure, also why were the brake lights of the other vehicle not checked, the police are well aware of the practice of removing/disabling them to promote a rear end shunt - might be worth checking with the chief constable.

    Are your insurers checking to see if the other driver & passengers names crop up on other claims/scams. The latest scam seems to be flashing to let you out then running into you and then quoting the highway code rules on flashing headlights.

    I do hope you manage to get your wife's HR-V sorted without too much hassle and expense.

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    United Kingdom Bob Wetherby
    Can I just add my heartfelt sympathies to your wife, yourself and the rest of your family for this distressing experience.

    Strange really because I have been reading in the past few days a number of articles about scammers deliberately causing crashes by (as Boglost says) flashing other motorists to come out from junctions and then running into them, or deliberately removing their stop lights and braking suddenly so that unsuspecting drivers will end up running into the back of them. Deliberately stopping on a roundabout could be another variation on the theme.

    I am surprised that the police did not take more interest in the circumstances, given all this recent publicity.

    Anyway I hope that you all can get over this as soon as possible and that the HR-V lives to fight another day.
  4. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

    England CJ Leeds
    Mick this is awful hope Pat is well and recovering, what can I say UK its not what it used to be people are devoid of any decency.

    Let me know If I can assist in any way. :Friends:
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    That is absolutely shocking mate. There is no justice left on this planet anymore.
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    Thanks for all your wishes guys my wife is bruised battered and sore but the main problem she said is the sight of this guy in front of the car taking photographs...
    On the car side I have had it into a local repairer today and am awaiting the estimate. My choices are now more clear and I'm thinking of keeping the car and repairing it myself with help from some friends I've already found one the same colour being dismantled. Again I've contacted them for some prices hopefully a bit cheaper than the repairer but hopefully OEM .
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    United Kingdom Brum
    Sorry to hear this Mick.
    Hope your wife is well and get over this.
    Sadly this does happen a lot and unfortunately will be happening again unless something is done about claim culture here.
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    United Kingdom Ed Wiltshire
    Shocking story, I hope your wife gets over this very quickly.

    We can only hope that "karma" is real and that there are consequences somewhere down the line for those responsible...
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    Thanks for the kind words guys all have been passed onto my wife.
    Just a little that I have picked up on scams.
    The authorities ie police and insurance companies will not investigate possible scams unless there is a pattern with the driver involved. So if this guy had no previous then he's in the clear basically. But if he had had a previous accident and claim similar then people would look into it.
    Further the I have spoken to a solicitor regarding this accident and got some positive news.
    He told me that although by law my wife was at fault (hit the other car from behind) because of something called Prudent Driver Testing then because of the fact that this guy had stopped and made a statement as such then he is partially to blame for the accident and therefore we can contest liability for the accident.
    Prudent Driver Testing basically means that a normal drivers actions would have been to drive off and manouvre around the roundabout and not stop. In this guys case he stopped which brings his driving skills into question.
    So after a long sometimes hectic discussion with my insurance I finally got my point across. Now I just have to sit and wait.
  10. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

    England CJ Leeds
    what the latest on this mate , Is Pat ok and the poor HR-V on the mend and not written off!

    never heard of this Prudent Driver Testing before.. some bedtime reading.
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    Greg Manchester
    what in case if he'll say that he stopped because of dog/rabbit/cat or whatever jumped in front of him? this explanation would sound reasonable, don't you need to prove that he stopped without the reason?
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    Pat's still having problems she's back at the Hospital with the daughter pain in the ribs and back and a little difficulty breathing.
    As for the HR-V I've had a quote for repairs from Harratts body shop!!!
    Parts £1717.38
    Labour £515.20
    Paint £224.77
    Additional items £7.50
    Total £2464.85
    Var £492.97
    Grand total £2957.82
    Don't think the insurance will repair it they told me they would only pay up to 60% of the market value although I've searched through my insurance policy and hat only applies to cars up to 12 months old. No one at home in the insurance company so I can't find out what is happening.
    If they write it off I have the option of buying it back at salvage value,they then give me the difference up to the market value, then I can use that to repair the car myself. It then becomes a car D. Or I can take the market value and then look for something else but what would replace it??
    Anyway once I get an answer from the insurance and Pat decides what she wants to do I'll know where I'm going with it.:Smile:
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    In instances like that then yes dog/cat/rabbit you would be hard to get away with . But on an open empty roundabout no warning lights no brake lights showing ??? Although that would be hard to prove as they were spread all across the road.
    He would need good reason and we can find none for stopping as he did. Oh and he also made the statement about being scared and stopping?????? Big questions over this.
    Other things that didn't add up he moved his car which was not causing any obstruction from the scene before anyone arrived??? Why
    He never attempted to find out if my wife was injured???
    No one in his car called the emergency services.
    And all he was worried about was taking photographs!!!!!!!
    My wife said to be honest I was scared something would rear end her, but also said I wish it had then our car would have hit the :tut:!!!!!:Wink:
    Anyway on a plus side the automatic fuel cut off worked as we couldn't get it started so me and the nice police officer had to push the car to safety.
    I tried honda emergency services but CJ never answered his phone :Messed:
    My daughter finally googled it in the Internet and the button was located and pressed, so I've learnt something new about it.
    I'm leaving it all in the hands of the solicitor now he seems to know more about this than me so ill just give him the information and let him loose.
  14. MickyB Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Just a quick update nothing being done about the in front moron. But the good news is the HR-V is being repaired that came as a shock just have to wait for their assessor to come out and verify Harrats assessment then in she goes.
  15. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

    England CJ Leeds
    Micks will Harrats give you a hire car or a courtesy car? The latter may save your car from a "uneconomical repair tag"
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    United Kingdom Primary c Northampton
    Well that's good news shame about the ick your wife was unlucky enough to hit. I genuinely feel for you and your family. We have a prob with this rear ending here and often they are non UK nationals I suppose out to make a quick buck. Disgusts me that innocent people like you decent folk suffer, for their scams or negligence what ever.
    Very pleased you will get her fixed though let's hope there are no lasting probs for your family..
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    Scotland Graham Scotland
    Only just seen this, sorry to hear about all the problems. I used to live in Beckton which is a stones throw from East Ham and would often see drivers driving on the roundabout the wrong way etc so can fully appreciate how annoying the actions of the third party were.

    Here's an odd thing, I used to ride sports bikes when I lived in London and I had a bad accident which made me give up. A foreign woman was driving but not sure what she was doing as her car was jerking about in the outside lane (A4) and I wasn't sure if she was drunk or something but she wasn't going any faster than the inside lane and I needed to get to work. When she finally pulled into the inside lane I overtook her and then pulled into the inside lane but she had now put her foot down (Golf GTI) and basically rammed into the back of me. I got trapped under her front bumper but it took her 40 metres to stop with me being dragged.

    Here's the best part. Ended up at the Magistrates and I got 6 points and a £500 fine! Because of this I also lost the insurance claim. Loads of claims being made against me were dismissed or retracted (such as saying I was mouthing off at her as I passed - but I had a full face blacked out visor on so impossible for them to see my face).

    I had been hit from behind but the Magistrate was desperate to find a way to prosecute me and finally came up with this: "If the driver in front of me was driving dangerously then it was careless of me to overtake her". And you guessed it, she was never charged with dangerous driving. If her driving dangerous was the basis for charging me with careless driving, then how could I be charged without her also being charged? I suspect there is a fear of upsetting certain people in case of being branded. Equality doesn't seem to prevail much these days.

    Anyway, perhaps it may be worth investing in a dash cam like Doc has done. It may give your mum some extra reassurance when out driving on her own as this may have been one of those crash for cash things which I reckon is only going to escalate these days and it seems to be the foreigners that are doing it going from the news articles. Although I'm sure there's plenty of Brits also doing it!
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    Well seems like my insurance company can't get their facts right. After they told me the car would be repaired they send out an independent assessor,he takes photographs including the mileage on the dashboard??? Gets out a little tablet computer then tells me the car is a car C right off. Hang on a minute I say you are only supposed to be checking the harratts assessment to make sure they haven't missed anything. His reply no I've been sent out to do an independent assessment and a valuation of the car and to tell you the findings in this case the value of the car is £1250 which is a lot less than the cost of the repair therefore your insurance company will be informed of this and they will write the car off.
    No I said they are going to repair it!!!! Then he got all official saying things like I have to inform you of the value of your vehicle and also I will have to give your insurance a record of our conversations etc etc at this I said I'll take it up with the insurance company.
    So I called them only to be told something entirely different which was because of the age of the car they work from a chart and basically if it had had a damaged panel then it would be a write off??? Seems no matter what condition the car is in after a certain age the slightest damage would not warrant a repair as its easier to write off.
    I also asked about buying the car at salvage value from them !!! Oh we don't do that.
    So not only has my wife suffered physically through her injuries and possible future complications but now she has to lose her car , whilst the nice ****head who caused all this will probably be looking at a claim of around £30000??? It's about time the Highway Code was looked into because the onus is on the person behind to be alert and avoid what's in front and to drive with care and attention for other road users whilst the foreign imports can do what they like and get away with it.
    And by the way since this accident we have been made aware of 12 others in similar circumstances over the last couple of months and the car hit from behind in all cases was driven by an Eastern European driver. So guys give all traffic in front of you more room than usual especially at traffic lights, roundabouts etc...
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