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    Yesterday I went out and got one of those A4 ring binders and a pack of A4 punched wallets to go into it. The idea behind it was to create a nice neat folder with all of the receipts and old MOT's etc that the car came with and all of which I have added to since the car being in my ownership.
    This got me thinking, when looking at all of the paperwork about where my car came from and where it has ended up, up untill i purchased it.

    So have a look at your service book/file receipts etc and see where your car has been.

    My car was Purchased New from Springfield Honda, Newcastle Upon Tyne by a Mr Glen (according to the PDI I have)
    Mr Glen then kept the car for 2 years with 2 Honda services.
    The car then moved to Blythe in Northumberland for 6 years, presumably with its second owner.
    The car then moved to Cramlington for about 1 year, with possibly its third owner
    The car moved to Prestwick Village, Ponteland (Newcastle upon Tyne) for a further 1 year.
    On the 30/11/2010 the car was Sold to a Mr John Madeley for £1700 by a car dealership in Cuddington (Cheshire), how it end up there I don't know unless it went to a dealer auction or something. This gent was the car's Fourth owner.
    The car then moved to Winsford (Cheshire) and I believe stayed with Mr Madeley for another 3 years.
    Bought sometime in 2013 by a Mr Smart, the car stayed in the possetion of the Fifth owner for around 1 year (who seems to have moved around alot), only a few weeks before I bought it, the car had a little accident, where the bottom ball joint snapped on the passenger front corner. The car was repaired 5/03/14 and it seems hastily sold.
    I then bought this car from Ebay and collected it the same day on the 13/03/14 and am now the 6th owner.
    The rest they say is history and to be honest I have enjoyed every bit of the cars ownership, even the repairs I've had to make.
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  2. Duc de Pommfrit Moderator Staff Team

    United Kingdom Chester Northumberland
    What was the street in Cramlington?
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    My car has only lived in Falkirk before moving to Cramlington
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    I'm sorry I can't say the exact street of the owner, as I don't know, but I am assuming this is where it lived for about 1 year from the MOT certificate which is from A F Discount Tyre and Exhausts.
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    Cool, my car has been where you currently live!
    Did you go to Falkirk to get it?

    I just find this kinda stuff interesting, knowing where it spent most of its life and who owned it. A previous car of mine came from the north of Scotland, how it got this far south I dunno.
  4. Duc de Pommfrit Moderator Staff Team

    United Kingdom Chester Northumberland
    Yes I collected it from Scotland and worth the trip!
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    Awesome, I bet it was great fun going to pick her up and also the anticupation and excitement of a new ride.
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    Nothing exciting with mine.
    I bought and picked up mine from Norwich when it was 2 and bit years old and since then have been with me.
    First MOT done by me and serviced by Honda Norwich;Holdcroft Honda and Gdansk Honda as per SvRS.
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    fair enough, 2 years and abit years old.
    Who had it before you?
    thats the sort of info i was hoping members would look for, wierd and varied historys of their cars,
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    It was owned by Honda master techincian at Norwich Honda before me.
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    Mines led a boring life:
    Bought by first owner from Southall Honda in 99
    He took it back every year to be serviced
    He had an accident in 2002 with a bicycle so he decided to sell it
    Parents bought it Jan 2003 from Southall Honda for £6.4k with 33k on the clock (what was RRP as that seems very cheap, it had a little dent but otherwise spotless)
    Since then it hasn't set foot in a dealership and has been serviced annually by a private mechanic
    Gifted to me March 2013 - initially I was going to use it as a part-ex but after test driving my alternatives I kept it (Civics, Almera :no: and Corolla)
    Very glad I kept her in the end, just a shame it came with multiple dents (subjected 13+ yrs of London driving now - most from parking on the road with inconsiderate drives)
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    RRP back in 03 would seem like bugger all now, but back then it was probably quite alot.
    But thats still an interesting history of where its been all its life. I assume you have a service log of all works carried out to the car?
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    I've still got the service history log from 99-02 but my dad never kept receipts so no history whatsoever till I got it and started keeping all receipts. He's still happy he never took it to a dealership though, annual service was just £100 each time (he always changed pollen filter + sparks every year which was pointless IMO). The cost is roughly the same for me but I buy parts from HH which works out cheaper than his Halfords rush!
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    I dunno why people don't keep receipts for work done to the car, as its good to show the next owner that the car was looked after. My next lot of service parts will more than likely come from HH though. Done the sparks and air filter recently and the pollen filter a little under a year ago, so that doesnt need changing yet.
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    I asked him the same question - he just looked at me blankly and said he expected the car to be scrapped years ago!

    Plus going to the mechanic was a bit like going to the barbers, in the sense that even though the job could be done in an hour, they would keep on talking so it ends up taking 3. Even when I go I usually ask questions and he shows me how to do certain stuff (changing car speakers, checking EGR) so nobody really pays attention to receipts. At this age, I doubt a bundle of receipts would make much difference to the asking price anyway.
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    United States Ken NJ
    My Legend was born in Saitama Japan before getting shipped to the states for delivery in New Jersey. With the exception of a hand full of road trips around the tri-state area, a train ride to Florida, and a road trip to Tennessee, it's spent it's whole life here. I am the second owner preceded only by my parents. That makes me a passenger since '92 and an operator since '05. I really don't remember a time before this car existed. Complete records are a beautiful thing. I've got fuel receipts back to '92, as well.

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    United Kingdom Paul Lancaster
    My CR-V was bought new from a main dealer that's within half a mile of my house. Its first owner lived in a local small village about 10 miles away. They part exchanged it and it moved to another small village 7 miles away in the opposite direction.
    She sold the car to a dealer in Blackburn. It ended up being bought by a guy who lives in Wigan. I bought it from the person in Wigan to bring it back to my home which is almost back to where it started from.
    I've got all the documented history of the car and a couple of the sales packs from when it was sold to different people. I have a huge amount of receipts and bills for work done.
    Sadly some of the standard of work isn't quite upto what you would expect, I will be starting a thread on one of the repairs I have had to undo their repair and do it properly. Luckily its just silly stuff they have shortcutted on and not the servicing.
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  17. Nighthawk Guest

    United Kingdom Richard T Milton Keynes
    My Accord was bought brand new by a lease company called Alphabet GB Limited and leased out to a company by the name of Hydratight Hydratight | Hydraulic Torque and Tensioners | Bolting Technology for Bolted Joint Integrity to a managing director by the name of Andy Clarke. She was delivered on the 4th May 2006 with just 12 miles on the clock and half a tank of fuel. I found the directors business card underneath the carpet of the car when I was doing the soundproofing. I have the original PDI from Honda as well as the lease agreements from the lease company to the company.

    She remained with the director until 2010 when she moved down from the West Midlands and landed in my possession, in that time, she completed 50k miles in 5 years so below average. She has been fully serviced through the lease company when in Hydratights possession through Honda dealers only, and subsequently by myself every 6 months since. She is now just shy of hitting her 100k mileage.
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    United Kingdom London
    Interesting thread, mine started life as a lease car for OVL! Can't remember the rest, will have a look this evening when im home.
  19. Duc de Pommfrit Moderator Staff Team

    United Kingdom Chester Northumberland
    I do a lot of work for Hydratight (or Enerpac since been bought out) they were always having urgent work being carried for the MD visits, so my guess is your car have had a few visits to Morpeth.
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    Scotland Jose Dunfermline
    I bought my car at Kirckaldy Honda (now closed), 11 months old, in October 2006. Since then is has been in Dunfermline where I live, travelling around the country, longest trip was to Sevenoaks and back.
    The first 2 services were free as part of the deal. The rest of the services have been done at the North Road Garage in Kelty. In February went back to Western Honda Dunfermline to replace the alternator. A boring but very reliable 9.5 years :Thumbup:
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