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    Excuse length of post,

    I live next door to an institute of dire learning. The students (aside from generally being "students") are usually found at lunch time in my back yard trying to find somewhere to partake in the inhalation of illegal substances. Annoying but it's teenagers.
    And they are all petrified of dogs.
    Oh and the college are expanding. The local football club is building an academy on the same site.
    Then the Council decide they are going to start building houses on the field opposite that is meant to be a space for kids to play but is actually the overflow car park for the college.
    At the same time.
    Did I mention it's a one way street?
    Had to pop out for server parts today, when I got back I went to park in the residents Parking area and the builders for the college had taken over my car park. It's pretty tight out there so I had to reverse back down a narrowing ally way between my property and the college... As I'm doing this some :tut: moron decided to push a girl he was talking to... Right into the path of my car. I saw her (and heard the :tut: car beeping) on the camera and reflex/panic kicked in and I dodged her as I hit the brakes.
    Car skids on gravel,
    Wall meets car,
    Car kisses wall,
    Car now has a nasty case of brick herpies (brick rash, paint scraped off the rear passenger corner, grazed, is FUBAR)
    Girl was fine but in shocked, head was next to my wheel, wanted to hit the kid but he was a child, barely 16 I reckon and easily as petrified as the girl.
    I would prefer to not have to claim on my insurance for the repair work, so do any of you have a firm you could suggest to repair big reds poor grazed paint work? Some sort of scratch specialists or the like? I refuse to leave the poor car in this condition but my pockets arnt bottemless!
    Also, any of you with kids that age - was the green cross code dropped from the circulum and I missed it happening?
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    Writing that was was strangely cathartic.i might get some sleep now!
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    Ah man sorry to hear that. Hope you can easily and cheaply fix that up.

    I think it was, they teach them about sex at the prime old age of 10 now instead !
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    Sorry to hear about that. I haven't used them, but there are anumber of mobile companies that come to you to repair minor dents/scratches. Might be worth checking out - ChipsAway for example. Hope you get it sorted soon, so you don't have to keep looking at it.
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    Thanks man, I'm sure I'll find someone eventually. The little gits scratched the CR-V a week after getting it - got the paint from Honda and repaired it pretty easily, this though.... This will need proper work :Frown:
    I'd swear if it wasn't a forum.... Just can't believe the mentality of someone who can do that and not think of the consequences... Especially with a big fat CR-V reversing up the road.
    - - - Updated - - -
    Chips away are one the list! I hope I do too, I've got to go out and do some work on little blue in a moment but have been putting it off as I know I'm going to have to see it again :Frown:
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    I'm sorry to read about your mishap. Thankfully, no human was hurt.

    As for repairers, have you tried the local car paint suppliers in your area?
    They will know most of the guys that do this kind of job, as they sell them the paint etc. They may be able to give you a few contact numbers. :Unknown:
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