Engine & Gearbox ZF recall hits 505,000 vehicles with 9-speed automatic transmission

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    Faulty control sensor could cause the transmission to randomly drop into neutral while driving August 9, 2016

    Automotive supplier ZF is recalling a control sensor found on nine-speed automatic transmissions used in over 500,000 vehicles. Fiat Chrysler, Honda and Land Rover models are affected; the automakers are responsible for issuing recalls for individual vehicles that use the transmission, and they will perform necessary repairs at dealerships.
    Without warning, the transmission can shift into neutral at any speed or gear because of an insufficient crimp on a wiring harness attached to the sensor cluster.

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    Is the CR-V affected??? Note this is a USA article and CR-V is made in USA with CVT transmission instead of the 9 speed ZF automatic transmission. Thus this is the reason I believe this article does not mention European CR-V (1.6 Diesel).

    If I was a 1.6D owner with ZF 9 speed automatic transmission II would want this question to by answered ASAP due to safety concerns.
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    Article clearly states it affects Honda Pilot and Acura TLX don't know why you keep posting this... I appreciate you are curious but if they hadn't named the cars the cause of concern would have been valid.
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    :Smile: I hope you are right, but it is a US article and clearly they would not mention the European CR-V which is the only CR-V which was made with the 9-speed automatic ZF. The years mentioned are the same as of CR-V 1.6D produced with ZF, and the US CR-V is CVT. If it applies it will only affect the 1.6D.

    How sure are you about this???

    Another article:
    The transmission can unexpectedly shift into neutral while driving due to an improper crimp on a wiring harness attached to the sensor cluster, which controls the “shift pattern and quality,” according to ZF. The manufacturing defect results in high electrical resistance that causes the transmission to shift into neutral. So far, ZF says this problem affects 505,000 cars in the United States, the majority of them sold by Fiat Chrysler. A software update will either prevent the random shift to neutral or give the driver “adequate warning” before the transmission does so anyway.
    ZF is not recommending automakers make any physical repairs to the affected cars despite making a crimping change to its production line starting in July 2014. Reviewing the database on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s website, we found at least 895 owners complaining not just of sudden shifts to neutral but acceleration surges, rough shifts, hesitation to downshift, and even vehicles that rolled away in neutral or engaged drive after the owners claimed they had selected park. At least 10 related injuries have been reported to NHTSA, three of which involved drivers who claimed they were run over as they got out of their cars after selecting park.
    Reed more here:
    ZF Recalls Nine-Speed Automatic for Random Drops into Neutral, Only Involves Software Update - News - Car and Driver | Car and Driver Blog

    Confusing articles. One says software update the other insufficient wire harness crimp attached to the sensor cluster. Probably one has to have both fixes applied. Both articles say that safety incidents with ZF were reported in the USA, as only USA national highway traffic safety administration website was investigated maybe???

    I hope it does not apply to Europe, or this problem does not arise after warranty expires, or in any case does not cause any incidents/accidents. I would check if engine/transmission needs an ECU update as first step anyway. Any service bulletin regarding transmission firmware update in Europe/UK for CR-V with ZF 9 speed trans?? I would think that this firmware update is important.

    Just why this interests me??? I am planning to purchase a 5th Generation CR-V with ZF 9 speed. :Smile: Now you know.
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    No official statement from Honda Europe on any gearbox recall.
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